Monday, May 7, 2012

What Is Toe Reading?

My definition of toe reading and its purpose:

The feet and toes are not just connected to certain places in our body but also believed to record life experiences reflecting the emotional and physical well-being. Toe reading is a metaphysical art form in which the toe reader can see the emotional and physical  life story by looking at the physical patterns of the toes, which change according to the (emotional/mental/spiritual) experiences throughout life. 
Having the toes read can be an eye opener to recognize and be aware of ones emotional/mental/ and spiritual past and current state. Many people walk "blindly" through life not understanding why certain things happen to them and how to change that. Toe reading can be a guidance to improve ones life and make positive changes.

Significance right vs. left:

Right and left feet tell stories from different aspects of ones life. The right foot (yang) will store past events and how one relates to the outside world. The left foot (yin) is reflecting how we see ourselves and how we connect to our soul. (self -judgement, self-expectation, self representation)
The toe reader can compare these two sides to make a full story and often catch conflicts, which will help the outcome of the reading and optimal guidance can be achieved, looking only at one foot would only tell half of the story and important messages could be missed.

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