Monday, May 7, 2012

What Is Toe Reading?

My definition of toe reading and its purpose:

The feet and toes are not just connected to certain places in our body but also believed to record life experiences reflecting the emotional and physical well-being. Toe reading is a metaphysical art form in which the toe reader can see the emotional and physical  life story by looking at the physical patterns of the toes, which change according to the (emotional/mental/spiritual) experiences throughout life. 
Having the toes read can be an eye opener to recognize and be aware of ones emotional/mental/ and spiritual past and current state. Many people walk "blindly" through life not understanding why certain things happen to them and how to change that. Toe reading can be a guidance to improve ones life and make positive changes.

Significance right vs. left:

Right and left feet tell stories from different aspects of ones life. The right foot (yang) will store past events and how one relates to the outside world. The left foot (yin) is reflecting how we see ourselves and how we connect to our soul. (self -judgement, self-expectation, self representation)
The toe reader can compare these two sides to make a full story and often catch conflicts, which will help the outcome of the reading and optimal guidance can be achieved, looking only at one foot would only tell half of the story and important messages could be missed.

Holistic Healthcare in a Nutshell

Holistic Health is rising once again, as more and more people will turn to alternative or natural treatments to reverse illnesses or habits, to maintain health or to become even healthier than before on all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually. So, what exactly is holistic health and where does it come from?
Holistic health care addresses the entire body, mind and spirit to bring it to its optimal level of performance. As Socrates said back in the very early days in the 4th Century B.C. "the part can never be well unless the whole is well." Holistic healing can be categorized in 5 major areas:
Alternative Medical Systems: These include holistic and naturopathic medicines from  Western and ancient Eastern medicines (Chinese & Ayurvedic)

Mind Body Intervention: These include therapies affecting the mind and spirit which will then have a therapeutic effect on the body. Examples in this category are color-, aroma-, dance-, art-,music – and hypnotherapy.

Biologically-Based Therapies: Use of natural substances to improve and enhance the bodies function as a whole including mind and spirit. These therapies include, herbs/herbal products, food, vitamins and other natural substances.
Manipulative and Body-Based Methods: Focus on the healing through the body’s movement and muscle work such as massage therapy, chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation.
Energy Therapies: Work to balance out energetic flow in the body and thus improve performance of body/mind and spirit. Techniques include Chakra healing, Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi etc, Crystal healing, reiki etc..
In the earliest times of human history people relied on natural resources to keep themselves healthy and to treat ailments and diseases. Techniques like aroma therapy, food, massage therapy and many other have been recorded from ancient civilizations throughout times. All knowledge is believed to have its roots from these three major ancient traditions/regions:
Ayurveda – An Ancient East Indian Healing tradition, focusing mainly on energy and herbal/food healing for the main goal to find balance on all levels (mind.body/spirit)
Herbal Medicine - Practiced from Mid East to Far East - Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Healing properties of plants used as medicine.
Western Herbalism- Originated in ancient Greece and Rom and later spread through Europe and eventually to the entire American continent.  Healing properties of plants used as medicine.

Holistic health care had its rough eras throughout our history; especially in Europe and America, where it was banned because of certain religious beliefs and also had its setback once scientific medicine took over and it was glorified to the extent that it was believed to be more effective over natural treatments. (around 1920’s-1970’s)
Since the 70’s holistic healthcare once again gained attention and has been on the rise. There have been many studies, reports, researches and testimonials that prove that holistic health is more beneficial to keep people healthy and prevent diseases from occurring, whereas scientific medicine mainly focuses on eliminating a problem or even just symptoms with the great possibility to cause more harm than good. This explains the holistic health motto: “first, do no harm”.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Reflection (On My Publishing Process)

This is a reflection about the process of publishing for my class "writing for publication".

From the assignments we were asked to create for this class, I chose the article on holistic healthcare for submission . I had a lot of fun writing that piece. It is a very short article in general but I believe, that I managed to give a lot of useful information about what holistic healthcare really is. I titled my article "Holistic Healthcare In A Nutshell" because that is truly what it is. A short summary trying to fit in all past, present and future, with all the branches holistic health care offers. This article is definitely suited for those who are in a hurry and want to have a quick understanding about this topic.

Looking through several online publishers, I decided to go with My reasons for choosing this online publishing site was simple; they accept inexperienced writers and their interface is very easy to navigate through, with a very simple sign up process. Not to mention, it is a free service.

I once submitted an article online and in print about PROM "What is PROM?" The print publication was a magazine called Sidelines (Publication from for mothers-to-be with high risk pregnancies)  and online I submitted it to Helium. I remember when it was published, I got a copy in the mail and when I saw my article I felt pride. The sidelines magazine helped me though a difficult time and I knew that some moms will be happy to read my article and have the hope they need so desperately.

Upon submitting this article, which I mainly wrote for this class, I feel proud once again. It is a great topic that might be new to some people who never have thought to help their bodies and minds with other means than medication. With that said, I would be very thrilled, if my article was going to lead someone to better health.

I would love to continue to write and hopefully submit more creations for publication. Writing, to me, gives a sense of accomplishment and a great purpose, and that will be a good reason for me to continue doing it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

News Release- (Class Assignment)

*This event is real

News Release

April 27, 2012

For more information contact:
Mcmenamins Grand Lodge
3505 Pacific Avenue
Forrest Grove, Oregon

The Eight Annual Medieval “ Faire In The Grove” Schedule Set

FOREST GROVE, OR – Young and old are invited to the 8th
annual medieval family friendly festival which is set to 
Saturday, May 5th from 10am -6pm and Sunday, May 6th 
from 10 am – 4pm, at McMenamin's Grand Lodge. (3505 
Pacific Ave., Forest Grove, OR 97113).

McMenamin's lawn will be literally turned into a medieval 

village with lots of fun activities for any age group. The festival 
will have many demonstrations like fencing and armored 
combat, medieval cooking and crafts, blacksmithing and 
many more.

This festival will allow you to go back in time and experience 
the Middle Ages and Renaissance era. There will be plenty of
entertainment, such as Knights combating, magic, singing 
and dancing, music.

"The Medieval Faire in the Grove has truly become a 

Washington County tradition," event organizer and Pacific 
history professor Martha Rampton said. "It is a family- friendly 
opportunity for us to travel back in time and experience life in 
the Middle Ages and Renaissance."

This fun event is suited for the entire family and made 
possible by the Pacific University's Department of History, 
presented by The Barony of Dragon's Mist of the Society for 
Creative  Anachronism and hosted by McMenamins Grand 

So come and join the fun and medieval excitement!
For more information please go to the following website or 
call Mcmenamins Grand Lodge at 503-352-6151


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creative Writing Piece - Free Writing

*This piece is for my class assignment. Free writing. So it might not make much sense, it is simply to free the words from the mind. Also a side note, I am a slow typer using only 2 fingers! I think last time I checked it's 20 something words per minute? ok...Ready, set, go!....

I cannot believe how fast the weather switched to almost summer, i mean it was like cold and nasty three days ago, i was still wearing my winter jacket as a matter of fact and now 2 days ago the sun came out and it was like 80 degrees out there. as a matter of fact i already have a tan, yes i tan easily but still it's pretty amazing. i look darker now than my boyfriend who is hispanic with a medium dark skin. so i went to goodwill the other day, because target donated a bunch of stuff to them recently and i saw all these awesome bikinis and swim suits  for a pretty decent price and the best part is that they were new, so i bought myself four bikinis, yeah i know it is not essential to have that many bikinis but i couldn't decide they all looked awesome. one was this almost neon light blue color, the other was neon bright green, than one with brown and white stripes and lastly one that was blue and white, so yes i am ready for summer! one more minute to go than i reached my 7 minutes, maybe i'll write and additional 2 minutes or so, no big deal. than by the time i am done i can go and have a nice snack. since i have been writing about the weather i guess i might add that i sure hope that summer is here for this year, i don't want to go back to jackets and long pant anymore for a while, and i have seen all the rain already so it would be nice to get the summer break, especially now that we will have a week off. the end :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Every person draws his/her inspiration from a different source. As for me I get my inspiration from my goals I want to achieve in life. Those goals motivate me and energize me to do the steps I need to take and to never give up. I need to cross the finish line for every goal, and that is my inspiration.

But to go even further life itself is an inspiration, like breathing the air, see the blue sky, feel the grass under my feet. Connecting with the chakras one by one and feeling them getting balanced is an inspiration. To connect with myself on a physical, mental and spiritual level is an inspiration.

This means the now and the future are my inspirations.

Since communication is a big part of achieving any goal in life, I do believe that my inspiration guides my writing style and even go as far as saying it enhances my writing style.

I don't believe that my writing style interferes negatively with my inspiration, since I am what I write and I write to achieve. Maybe this only makes sense to me, but to clarify; it basically means that my writing goes along with my inspiration and can help me by achieving my goals.

Writing definitely sorts out the things stored in the mind and does help with seeing things clearly to make the right choices. It's a great venting mechanism and it helps me stay focused and inspired and continue to aim for anything I dream about.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Self Esteem

Self Esteem

I don't know how I came to be here. All I know is, that I am usually put into a drawer next to some books and folders along with some others of my kind; writing utensils.

I think I might have come here by accident, you know, put into a purse without paying attention after filling out an application for employment or maybe after signing a credit card slip. I am not sure... since I never had a plastic spoon attached to me, it seems logical.

So here I am now out of the drawer, lying on a fancy looking binder next to this metallic shiny beautiful pen. Yes, I am a bit envious, since I am just this insignificant little white plastic pen with with a logo and a phone number printed on it.

I wonder if Shiny here was bought or came here just like I did. I knew of some very expensive looking pens which were also imprinted with advertising. Shiny is definitely intimidating. It is so heavy and big, it must feel good in the hands of anyone writing. So smooth and so well formed to fit perfectly. Not to talk about the beautiful exterior- shiny silver ends with light blue metallic coating; it's almost like a Ferrari among the pens.

I bet it writes excellent as well - probably the best quality ink lasting forever; who knows maybe it can even write upside down like those astronaut pens I heard about. What am I even doing here? Am I even needed? Can I be of any use at all? Ok, I am panicking now, I need to focus.


Once I lay on top of an open magazine and I remember the page had an article about self esteem and how thinking positively can change ones life to the better.

I am a good pen. I can write and I can help create good stories, write wonderful letters and useful lists to remember. I am worthy! Even if small, beat up and made of plastic!

I hear foot steps.

My owner is entering the room and she is mumbling something about
a rough draft and homework. Oh no, she grabs shiny! I am here too! I can do it and I can help you to write the most amazing story ever! Please pick me and I will not let you down! I am light, small and plastic, and I was only created to spread the word about some company, but looks don't mean much they are just a shell; my ink is full with creativity and passion.

Yes she picked Shiny ...but wait a minute, she doesn't seem happy at all. I hear her complaining about how Shiny feels too heavy and make her fingers sweat. Now Shiny is flying through the air elegant and weightless like a spaceship on a mission until it roughly hits the ground and remains motionless.

I feel myself being lifted up in the air feeling the warm breeze coming in through the open window, get a peak of the sun trying to shine through a big fluffy cloud...and there I am ready to write being held on top of a white college ruled notebook right at the desk. Before I'll get to work I hear these words resonating deep into my soul:

"Thank goodness I have at least one good pen, I should have known!"